Jon Gosselin to Kate Gosselin: ‘Reality TV Is Not A Career’

09.09.11 5 Comments

Jon Gosselin gave an exclusive interview (or whatever that is) to RumorFix, during which he took some surprisingly reasonable shots at his ex-wife. Kate recently complained about her potential financial woes going forward now that her show is canceled, and Jon doesn’t want to hear any of it. He points out that she could get a regular job or sell the giant house, and that lots of people with kids get by without reality TV riches. He then goes on to talk abou-…

Wait a second. Kate’s show is canceled. Jon doesn’t have a show. This is a television blog. That means, since neither of them are actually on television anymore, I don’t have to waste another precious word discussing them on here. Maybe ever.

I’ll let this GIF sum up my feelings on this development.

GIF via Buzzfeed

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