Young Leonardo Da Vinci Was A Sex-Crazed Action Hero Because Of Course He Was

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11.06.12 3 Comments

Below is the trailer for Da Vinci’s Demons, a new action-adventure/sex romp about the Young Leonardo Da Vinci, because naturally when you think about the Renaissance Man, you think of nicely gelled hair, perfect stubble, sex, death, and ham-fisted symbolism! This man wasn’t discovering knowledge; he was LIBERATING it. He was a tortured, conflicted genius, who also liked to get laid during his downtime.

So, basically: It looks like a Starz show in the vein of Spartacus: Sand and Blood, but it does come from David Goyer, the screenwriter behind The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, the Blade movies, and … er, Flash Forward, so his television track record is not exactly pristine. The teaser looks poop-flinging preposterous, but it could be good for a few campy laughs.

The series will air in the Spring of 2013.

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