Let’s Go Across The Border On This Week’s ‘Justified’

02.25.14 4 years ago 26 Comments
JUSTS05E07 justified season 5


Tonight’s Justified sees the Crowders taking a trip to Mexico. It does not quite go to plan.

Boyd expected to come down to collect his drugs, but Johnny had other plans.


Mr. Yeun decided to make his own plans.


It turns out Johnny had the money AND got a handcuffed Boyd. He also got a Checkov’s warning.


Now you’d think Johnny is riding high, but OOPS POW SURPRISE!


And now Boyd’s gonna ride off into the moonlight, but those Crowes with that earlier warning…


Hey, while we’re stacking bodies:


So ends the tale of Cousin Johnny; where even at his best he’s outdone and undone by Boyd.

There were more storylines that got explored tonight, so be sure to come back here tomorrow for a full recap. For now, take a look at Raylan getting chumpped.


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