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Meet Krakatoa the Komodo dragon, who turned 8 this week. “The children sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the lizard as he was presented with a meat cake topped with mice.” [LA Times]

All the news that’s fit to piss. Your morning news brief will wake you up like like a steaming hot golden shower. [Uproxx]

Hold me closer, tiny dancer. On the off chance that I forget to include this in What’s On Tonight before this airs, I thought i should point out that TLC will air something called “Dancer with Tiny Legs” on August 22nd. Burn your DVR accordingly. [Discovery]

Hollywood blows it again. The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Clevenger is one of my favorite books written in the last ten years, topped in sheer universal awesomeness only by World War Z. It’s like a Chuck Palahniuk book if Palahniuk had a better ear for language and took more care in plotting his stories. And now it’s going to be a movie — starring and produced by Channing Tatum, known for modern classics like Step Up, G.I. Joe, and Dear John. Dammit. [FilmDrunk]

Exciting news for people who follow a comic from 60 years ago! The first pictures of Kilowog from Green Lantern. [Gamma Squad]

NBA might bail out the Knicks. Isiah Thomas’s contract to be a “consultant” for New York could be voided by the league. I wouldn’t consult Thomas on something as simple as taking a dump. [With Leather]

When politics stop being polite… Two “Real World” veterans are running for seats in Congress. [The Daily Beast]

Below: hot video action!

This lady is really excited to be on a cop show:

[Today’s Big Thing]

All the opening quotes from all five seasons of “The Wire”:

(thanks to Josh for the tip)

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