Michael Rapaport Is Joining ‘Justified’ As The Gator-Farm-Owning Patriarch Of The Crowe Family

09.30.13 4 years ago 37 Comments

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During the first four seasons of Justified, Raylan Givens has taken down the Bennett clan, battled his own father, sent Quarles to whatever afterlife ruthless pill-popping deviants go to, tangled with mafias Detroit and Dixie, and gone round and round in circles with both Limehouse and future Kentucky ice cream magnate Boyd Crowder, but now … now it appears he may be dealing with his most formidable foe to date, as Michael Rapaport has joined the cast for Season 5 as the gator-farm-owning patriarch of the Crowe family.

Rapaport will play Dale Crowe, Jr., the sexy and charismatic patriarch of a white-trash Florida crime family. Dale’s an ex-convict who owns a gator farm; he is smart, savvy and ruthless, all in the name of family. [TV Line]

Dear God. Do you people realize what this means? Really, do you? A white trash Sunshine State ex-con who owns a gator farm and runs a crime family that employs incompetent kinfolk like Dewey Crowe?


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