More Plagiarism? ‘SNL’ Favre Sketch Mirrors Funny Or Die Video

10.25.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

If you liked this morning’s stories about “Saturday Night Live’s” Brett Favre commercial and “South Park’s” plagiarism of an Internet video, good news: “Saturday Night Live’s” Brett Favre commercial may have been stolen from an Internet video.

In the Funny or Die video below, a Brett Favre impersonator plays pick-up football in Wranglers Dickhole Jeans, much to the chagrin of the other guys on the field with him. They use a dildo that’s MUCH too large to be Favre’s penis, but other than that it’s pretty much the exact same joke as “SNL’s” Open Fly Jeans commercial starring Jason Sudeikis.

So was “SNL’s” version stolen from the Funny or Die video? The FoD video was posted last Wednesday, which is enough time for the “SNL” staff to see it and make their own version. However, Wednesday is also close enough to SNL’s air date for the writing staff to miss it completely, and given that Favre’s Wrangler commercials were obviously ripe for parody the instant his dick pictures hit the Internet, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two videos were made independently of each other. But hey, who knows. And who cares? I’d rather see a full 90 minutes of plagiarized skits than one more Gilly sketch.

SNL’s version:

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