Morning Links with Flying Donkey

07.21.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

‘Parachuting Donkey Terrifies Children’ – It’s kind of a sad story, but I love that headline too much to get upset about it. [AFP]

Maybe $10 a month is worth it. Danger Guerrero outlines how Hulu Plus is actually worth your money. If you’re a TV-addicted shut-in, that is. [Uproxx]

Everyone hates M. Night Shyamalan. Watch a movie audience react with disgust at the mere appearance of his name on the screen. At least some of those people saw The Happening. [FilmDrunk]

In his defense, that is a HOT teenage prostitute. France’s Franck Ribery, the second-ugliest man at the World Cup (first place: Carlos Tevez), got arrested for having sex with an underage hooker. [With Leather]

Hang in there, it’s Hump Day! Let this cat be a lesson to us all. →

Human Tetris returns! The popular Japanese game show that failed on Fox as “Hole in the Wall” is being revived by Cartoon Network. [The Live Feed]

The ‘Seinfeld’-as-a-thriller mash-up. I’m linking to it here in the hopes that I don’t get 30 emails about it. It’s well-done; I just don’t want to post every mash-up that comes along. [BuzzFeed]

Her boyfriend is a lucky man. Meet the biggest “True Blood” fan on the planet. Hey, at least she has a boyfriend. The biggest Twilight fan just has a favorite cat. [NY Mag’s Vulture]

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