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Oh man oh God oh man Oh God oh man. Good news, everybody. GREAT news. Heidi and Spencer Pratt are filing for bankruptcy. They’ve lost everything. What a terrific day this is. I can’t remember ever being so happy.

The cash-strapped couple have reportedly squandered their combined $10 million fortune on living a lavish lifestyle, which included the use of private jets and six cars.

A further $3 million was wasted on the surgery-obsessed blonde’s failed music career, while renting a home in Malibu, California, set the pair back $35,000 a month, and Heidi’s bout of ten cosmetic procedures in 2009 is believed to have cost the duo – who recently rekindled their romance after parting ways in April – tens of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, Heidi and Spencer are now faced with a $2 million tax bill, which they are unable to pay.

The couple are now living in a studio apartment in the grounds of Spencer’s parents’ home. He said: “I feel like I’m 14 years old again. My parents are my lifeline.” [Contact Music via Best Week Ever]

Oh God, that was fantastic. Was it good for you, too? I could go for a cigarette right now. Right after I get cleaned up.

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