NBC Decides To Not Pick Up ‘Mulaney’

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05.10.13 41 Comments

Of the dozens of pilots NBC was looking at for the 2013-2014 season, the one that seemed the most promising (that doesn’t star Michael J. Fox) was Mulaney, John Mulaney’s Lorne Michaels-produced semi-autobiographical comedy starring not only himself, but also Nasim Pedrad, Martin Short, and Elliott Gould. Great talent, good premise (“Young comedian writes for a great show”) — it was a lock to get picked up by NBC. It wasn’t picked up by NBC.

Following a flurry of sitcom cancellations, NBC has opted not to pick up the pilot for SNL writer/stand-up John Mulaney’s new sitcom Mulaney…I attended the pilot taping, and it was super funny, so it comes as a huge disappointment that NBC opted not to pick up the show. (Via)

OK, so no Mulaney. Boo. So, let’s do some network scheduling fan fiction: If Seth Meyers does in fact leave for late-night, here’s hoping Mulaney rejoins SNL and takes over as Weekend Update Anchor and Head Writer, which is something fans have wanted for years. It’s not a show of his own, but hey, it’s something.

Plus, SNL will outlast us all, so it’s got great job security.

(Via Splitsider)

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