Of Course This Happened.

04.29.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Last week, I highlighted the uber-geeky Wired feature on “Lost” that included the full-size version of the banner image seen here. At the time, I was perfectly certain that Losties would mull over the whiteboard for CLUES! Clues to unlock the secrets! They just have to find the clues OH DEAR GOD SPOILERS NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Anyway, yeah: the whiteboard was thoroughly analyzed, and potential spoilers were discovered. Stop reading if you’re one of those freaks I make fun of all the time.

We enter firm spoiler territory at the center of the board with what appears to be a series of scene descriptions from upcoming episodes. Sawyer (Josh Holloway) will apparently get his mitts on Seamus (Fred Koehler), leaving Kate (Evangeline Lilly) vulnerable to attack.

Meanwhile, Jack and Bernard (Sam Anderson) are set to meet each other at a “dentist office,” indicating that this scene takes place in the sideways reality. Jack apparently says to Bernard: “I want to ask you about a patient’s accident.” We know that Jack is currently operating on Locke, but how could that incident possibly benefit from a dentist’s advice? It sounds to me like somebody’s waking up!

On the far right, just obscured by Cuse’s shoulder, we see some troubling scribblings about “murder,” “trying to kill us again” and “demo aftermath.” It’s hard to know exactly who or what these deadly words pertain to, but as “Lost” is racing towards the finish line, nothing — and no one — is safe from death’s door.

So, there’s a dentist’s office, Sawyer is maybe overly aggressive, and some characters probably die. Oh no, the show’s ruined for me now. UNLESS… they were red herrings planted by Lindelof and Cuse! That’s just like them!

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