Great News For Journalism


I can't, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, figure out why anyone would want a Dr. Phil coffee mug.

Remember the Casey Anthony trial? Shouldn’t be that hard, it was only like a month ago. You know, the pretty lady who probably killed her kid but was acquitted? The one Nancy Grace lost her motherbackflipping mind over? Yeah, that one. Well Casey Anthony’s parents are sitting down for their first public interview since the trial, and they’re doing it with Dr. Phil. Guh. I wonder if he’s gonna make it all about him? From EW:

“Cindy and George have suffered a horrific loss with the untimely death of their granddaughter Caylee, and they have since endured an unprecedented public attack on their family,” Dr. Phil said in a release. “Have these attacks been warranted, or not? I looked them straight in the eye and asked some very tough questions. Despite living under a ‘media microscope’ for years, THEIR story has never really been told and there’s so much more to it than we’ve heard in the media. Throughout this extensive interview, we explore every detail of their ordeal, and they answer every question I know will be on our viewers’ minds. Nothing is off limits during this interview.”

The only — ONLY — positive of Dr. Phil landing this interview is that it means Nancy Grace did not. I bet that’s eating at her, knowing that the Anthony’s picked a wealthy, judgmental egomaniac with a cartoonish Southern accent and it wasn’t her. She’s probably sitting in her situation room right now crying into newswire printouts about missing attractive white girls. “WHY GOD?!” she’s probably screaming, “Why wouldn’t you give me this interview?! Have I not done everything in my power to serve you? What more can I do?” And then a poof of red smoke will appear in the room, and the devil will shout “FOR THE LAST TIME, NANCY, STOP CALLING ME GOD.”

Hold on, where was I? Oh yeah, Dr. Phil is a boob.

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