Oprah Hates Handicapped People

06.23.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Ever since Zach Anner’s video submission to Oprah’s “Search for the Next TV Star” went viral, he has led the online voting for the contest, at one point being ahead by some 1.4 million votes. Mysteriously, overnight, a sassy black woman named “Dr. Phyllis” took the top spot when she got 300,000 votes in twenty minutes, according to one blog.

So it took over a week of viral efforts from Internet giants like 4chan, Reddit, and Digg to get Zach millions of votes, but a competitor overcame him while hardly making a peep on the Web radar. Surely Oprah wouldn’t rig an online election to award a show to a woman more appealing to her target demographic than Zach Anner, a young white male with cerebral palsy. I mean, she’s from Chicag– oh. Oh, I see how it’s gonna be.

As I write this, Zach has regained a narrow lead of less than two hundred votes, while he and Dr. Phyllis both have in excess of 5.356 million votes. You know, maybe it’s best that Oprah’s left to her machinations, so that we can see Zach on a REAL cable channel like Travel or Discovery. Or maybe… OPRAH CAN GO F*CK HERSELF. VOTE FOR ZACH!

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