Police: Man Beat Wife to Death Over Cable TV

02.23.11 7 years ago 22 Comments

A Staten Island man gave his wife a fatal beating because she refused to pay $5.75 a day for cable while he was in the hospital, police say. Thomas Scala, a retired longshoreman, was arrested last week after throwing an ashtray at his wife’s head last November, resulting in her death. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “A longshoreman who beat his wife? That’s impossible!” But it’s true. The story from the New York Post is grim yet filled with hilarious stereotypes:

Scala, a diabetic with a long history of medical issues, was arrested Thursday after a lengthy hospital stay and charged with assault. A grand jury will decide if he gets hit with murder or manslaughter charges, sources said.

“I’ve got no comment. Talk is cheap. Get the f- -k off my property. You ain’t seen me here,” Scala, who was released without bail, shouted before mooning a Post reporter and zooming away.

Added Scala, “AY! I’m walkin’ he-ah!”

Scala was known to wield absolute authority over his Finley Avenue home’s 26-inch Panasonic flat screen — and banned his wife from watching it.

“If he caught her watching anything, he would always whale on her,” said neighbor Kenneth Roggio, 40. Out of spite, Scala would break the remote and tear out the TV’s wires, he added…

Scala allegedly went ballistic the day after Thanksgiving — peeved his wife hadn’t footed the $5.75-a-day for him to watch his shows while he was laid up, sources said.

When the woman tried to leave, Scala allegedly set her clothes on fire.

“That’s like Eggs 101, Woodhouse.”

“She came to my house with a shopping cart drenched in flammable liquids and her arms and hands scorched in second- and third-degree burns,” Roggio said. “She was screaming, ‘He lit me on fire.’ “

What a charming man. He’s gonna be so bummed when he finds out there’s no History Channel in prison.

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