Poll: Who Will Most Likely Die in the Final Season of 'Breaking Bad'?

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06.14.12 57 Comments

On July 15th, the final season of “Breaking Bad” will kick off. It’s a two-part final season, broken up into eight episodes apiece, and obviously, filming has already begun on the first part (speculation has it that the final half of the season will begin filming in November). This is what we know: A new Big Bad has not been cast to replace Gus Fring (Giancarlo Espisito) leading to speculation (at least my own) that Walter White will transform from dark anti-hero to full-blown villain. What we also know, at least according to a Tweet from Aaron Paul — who plays Jesse Pinkman — is that the final season will be “a bloodbath.” A bloodbath obviously suggests that people will die, and since there have been no major casting announcements for the final season, we can assume that the people who will die are regular cast members, characters who have been on the show for several seasons.

So, we can then assume that one or more of the major characters will die in the final season. My question? Who do you think is most likely among the major characters to die? Answer our poll question, and in the comments, explain why? Personally, I think Saul is an automatic, but the dark horse candidate for first to die is Marie, a death that will further motivate Hank to apprehend — and maybe even kill — Walt White.

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