Republicans Watch ‘Modern Family’?

11.11.10 7 years ago 38 Comments

A new poll was released that examines television viewing habits broken down by political affiliation.  Take it away Hollywood Reporter:

According to months of data from leading media-research company Experian Simmons, viewers who vote Republican and identify themselves as conservative are more likely than Democrats to love the biggest hits on TV. Of the top 10 broadcast shows on TV in the spring, nine were ranked more favorably by viewers who identify themselves as Republican.

I have no interest in devolving this into a political donnybrook.  You could interpret the data any number of ways to back up your argument: “Republicans are all idiots predisposed to groupthink.  Democrats clearly have taste,” or “Stupid Democratic elites looking down on America from their ivory tower.  The shows are popular because they appeal to REAL Americans!.”  Ugh.  If you honestly want to make one of those arguments, so help me God I’ll run you down in my car.  And seriously, neither party has anything to brag about.  Both lists are infested with television vermin.

As far as I’m concerned, the most noteworthy thing on this list is that “Modern Family” ranks number three on the Republican side.  Given its positive portrayal of a gay couple raising an adopted daughter, I’d have pegged this as a show that’s TEARING OUR NATION APART I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.  (Another thing I’d peg: The majority of the show’s female cast.)  Maybe this is a sign that we’re not as partisan as we’ve been lead to believe, and that there is middle ground somewhere between the two loud extremes assaulting us on our television’s every day.

Or, maybe it just has something to do with Republicans loving Sofia Vergara’s recipe for chocolate milk.  (Put on low cut shirt, pour milk, add chocolate and a pinch of salt,  stir VIGOROUSLY.)

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