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Photo editing for the Web: let tasteful restraint be your guide

Devastating, shocking, unexpected news on Jon & Kate Plus 8 last night: Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce after ten years of marriage.  Please, everyone: try to contain your grief.  Your tears can’t heal this rift.

Fans who have watched the couple’s popular TLC show – or read the voluminous coverage of the Gosselin marriage in the press – will hardly be surprised: The duo had long maintained a tense relationship, with Jon recently telling PEOPLE he wanted a less high-profile life, while Kate appeared to remain committed to their TV career. [People]

Obviously, divorce — no matter how much it may be a necessity for the parties involved — is a sad event when children are involved.  The important thing to remember for the kids — if you little Gosselins are reading this — is that Mommy and Daddy would have stayed in love if the sextuplets had never been born.  KIDDING.  Just kidding, you adorable matching children.  The real truth is that your mother is a monster.

Below, Conan O’Brien’s awesome take on the Gosselins from last night’s “Tonight Show.”

(p.s. Andy Richter and Max Weinberg are better than any other late-night second fiddles/band leaders. Period.)

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