11.16.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

Here’s the only skit from this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” that’s worth its salt. Given that I set the bar pretty low and that I prefer to defend “SNL” from its detractors, I still have to admit that this episode — hosted by January Jones — was probably the worst of the season so far. I’ve come to expect the usual negative aspects (the cold open that goes on too long, flat monologue, etc.), but this episode wasn’t elevated by a good digital short or a few memorable skits. It failed to showcase the host in any interesting role, the Black Eyed Peas butchered their own terrible songs, and the show leaned too heavily on homosexuality and farting to try to get laughs. And I think we all know that’s MY schtick!  *makes out with guy* *fart noise*

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