Spend The Weekend Over Analyzing These New Images From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3

01.25.13 5 years ago 60 Comments

Knowing full well that our hot date canceled on us tonight, because she has quote-unquote better things to do than hang out with MY idiot friends (even though last time we all partied together, she had, like, so much fun), leaving us with nothing better to do from 5 p.m. until whenever the Pro Bowl is on (haha), HBO just released a crop of new images from season three of Game of Thrones for us to over-analyze. Old favorites like Arya and Stannis are there, as are GoT newbies, including Mance Ryder and Lady Oleanna, the name of the best Band song never written.

I copy and pasted the names above each photo exactly as they were written on Game of Thrones‘ Facebook page, a point I mention only because one of the last names is a spoiler(ish)…That being said, it’s arguably the least important SPOILER ALERT of all-time, so for all those who watch Game of Thrones not for the lineages, but for the boobs and dragons, enjoy the OH MY GOD LOOK AT DAENERYS LOOK AT THAT BIG ASS, TOTALLY SUBTLE STONE DRAGON STARING DOWN STANNIS. For the rest of you, OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT LAST NAME.

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