A ‘Conan’ Writer Went Off About The State Of Late Night Comedy — Is He Right?

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04.18.15 94 Comments


Andrés du Bouchet has been putting words in Conan O’Brien’s mouth as a writer on Conan, The Tonight Show, and Late Night for seven years, but on his Twitter account Thursday night, he let his own voice be heard while weighing in on the state of comedy. And to put it succinctly, du Bouchet isn’t happy.

Here are the relevant, NSFW-language filled tweets:

As is the case with almost all great rants, du Bouchet soon dialed things back a little bit after some time had passed.

Before tweeting out one more comment about late night…

Which was followed by an apology.

Now, is du Bouchet right? Does comedy need a “severe expletive deleted shakeup” right now?

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