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boston bombings

It’s Good To Know That Humanity Can Still Be Awesome In The Wake Of Unspeakable Tragedy


We're all still trying to comprehend all that has happened today in Boston.


Wal-Mart Wants You To Pay Sales Taxes When You Buy From Amazon

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And we thought Sergey Brin <a href="">had a massive pair on him</a>; today it's been revealed that the Alliance for Main Street Fairness, which consists of mom-and-pop shops like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Sears, is whining to the federal government about how <a href=";topStories">AMAZON DOESN'T HAVE TO COLLECT SALES TAX AND THAT'S NOT FAAAAAA-AAAAAIRRRR</a>, and they're doing it by.


Solar Storm Coming To Mess With Our Heads


<a href=""></a>The sun moaned, and groaned, and spat out a mass coronal ejection.


'Find My iPad' App Leads Police Tracking Stolen iPad To 780 Pounds of Meth


<a href=""></a>It's an axiom that rich people do not frivolously spend their money, but rather hang onto it.


A Golden Treasury of Messages To Hurricane Irene On Signs, Buildings, And Newscasts


If you liked our gallery of <a href="">Hurricane Irene inspired photoshops</a>, get ready to bend over, Abigail Mae, 'cause here comes the gravy pipe.


The Internet Responds To Hurricane Irene With Typical Class And Grace


Made by <a href="">@Chrixeleon</a> The internet responded as it always does to the prospect that a huge disaster might happen and then wasn't as large as expected: with photoshops and sarcasm.


Steve Jobs Is Not Dead


Last night Steve Jobs (who is listed as a co-inventor in an amazing <a href="">313 patents</a>) announced he's stepping down as CEO of Apple and Tim Cook (who has already filled in as CEO when Jobs took a medical leave in 2009 and again earlier this year) is the new CEO.

judicial takedowns

It's A Bad Day For Copyright Trolls


Hey, remember when <a href="">we talked about</a> how the only profitable copyright lawsuits these days were <a href="">porn lawsuits</a>, because most people didn't want to go through the embarrassment of admitting in public that they downloaded a dirty movie.

douchebags should not win

Beefy Jerk Texts In Theater, Charges Lady With Assault For Confronting Him


Let's just get this out of the way right now: If you have your cell phone on, in a movie theater, for any reason, you're an a-hole and people hate you.


OMG Look At This Giant Chunk Of Hail!


Jesus Christ look at <a href="">that thing</a>.


What Caused the Foxconn Explosion?


More details are emerging about the Foxconn explosion Monday that claimed three lives, previously reported as two, and injured fifteen people.


In The Future, We Won’t Have To Be Bothered With Touching Our Phones

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Sure, we all love our gadgets -- iPhones, iPads and whatnot, but why the hell do we have to touch them.

rebecca mansour

Palin’s Ghostwriter Probably Regrets Sending Twitter Direct Messages To Stranger


You probably don't know <a href="!/ramansour">Rebecca Mansour</a> by name, but there's a good chance you're familiar with her work.


Bradley Manning’s Facebook Page Was Filled With DADT Angst


Remember Bradley Manning, the young Army intelligence analyst with access to classified military documents who handed over a treasure trove of material to Julian Assange, who then famously posted all of it on WikiLeaks.

Harold Camping

Rapture Actually In October, Claims Profiteering Rapture Fetishist


Hey remember how the world <a href="">was supposed to end with the Rapture</a> this past weekend, only it didn't.


Joplin, Missouri Is A Tragic Mess


On the second day after <a href="">a gigantic tornado ripped apart Joplin, Missouri</a>, 116 are confirmed dead, making it the deadliest single tornado in U.

david letterman

Lady Gaga Eats Letterman’s Interview Notes On ‘Late Show’

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I suppose when you invite a performance artist like Lady Gaga onto your talk show, you have to be prepared for the interview to be weird and awkward, and last night's interview of Lady Gaga by David Letterman was all kinds of weird and awkward.


Is Cisco Helping The Chinese Kill People?


The Chinese government is not notable for anything resembling respecting human rights, but it's particularly pronounced in their persecution of the members of the Falun Gong movement.

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