The Satanic Temple Is Offering Some Helpful Religious Literature To Florida Public School Kids

By | 24 Comments

The Satanic Temple is having some fun responding to new rules that allow religious material to be distributed in Florida public schools.

#Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers’ Personal Doctor Allegedly Took A Selfie Before Her Biopsy And Cardiac Arrest

By | 7 Comments

Joan Rivers' personal doctor may have taken a selfie moments before the surgery that allegedly sent her into cardiac arrest.


Christy Mack Posted An Update About Her Condition Post-War Machine Brutality

By | 50 Comments

Christy Mack updated her Twitter followers on her progress a month after ex-boyfriend War Machine's alleged brutal attack.

Stupid Pranks

A California Woman Is In Deep Trouble Over What She Claims Were ‘Stupid Pranks’

By | 8 Comments

A California woman believes that signing a couple up for sex ads and sending strangers to their home were just 'stupid pranks.'


A ‘Django Unchained’ Actress Was Stopped By LA Police Because She ‘Fit The Description’ Of A Prostitute

By | 49 Comments

What should happen if you fit the description of a criminal? Actress Daniele Watts found out just how serious it can be.


Introduce Yourself To The California Man Who Fed His Ex-Girlfriend Her Own Dog

By | 21 Comments

A man in California is under arrest for attacking his ex-girlfriend and allegedly feeding her her own dog.


Sarah Palin And Family Were Allegedly Involved In A Massive, Bloody Brawl At A Party

By | 14 Comments

In a brawl described as like an episode of "Jerry Springer," Sarah Palin allegedly asked, "do you know who I am?"

school shooting

The Cleveland School Shooter Convicted Of Killing Three Students Has Escaped From Prison

By | 18 Comments

The convicted killer behind the 2012 Cleveland school shootings has escaped from prison and is currently on the run.


Meet ‘HippopoThames,’ The Gigantic Hippo Sculpture Floating In London’s River Thames


The 68-foot-long piece of art was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

Jack The Ripper

Has DNA Evidence Finally Uncovered The Identity Of Jack The Ripper?

By | 22 Comments

DNA might have cracked one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time: the identity of Jack The Ripper.

high school

A Florida Teen Was Forced To Wear A “Shame Suit” After Breaking Her School’s Dress Code

By | 35 Comments

Miranda Larkin and her mother are furious, while school officials believe the discipline was justified.


Drew Carey Offers $10K Reward To Find Those Behind A Disgusting Ice Bucket Prank On An Autistic Teen

By | 42 Comments

Authorities are seeking those behind a cruel prank on an autistic teen disguised as the ice bucket challenge and Drew Carey wants to help.


Facebook Claims Gruesome Pro-Dog Fighting Page Doesn’t Violate Their Terms

By | 13 Comments

The community page glorifies the blood sport, but the social network doesn't seem to mind.


Here’s Proof That Detroit Firefighters Are Using A Soda Can As A Fire Alarm

By | 3 Comments

Soda cans, doorbells and other improvised systems are alerting Detroit firefighters when they have a fire to handle.


War Machine Made His Initial Appearance In Court, Claims War Machine Is ‘A Character’

By | 24 Comments

'Fictional character' War Machine made his initial appearance in a Las Vegas court to face charges of attempted murder and sexual assault.

#Pro Wrestling

WWE Legend Jake The Snake Roberts Has Been Hospitalized In Las Vegas

By | 24 Comments

Jake The Snake Roberts is reported to have been unconscious in a Las Vegas hospital since yesterday, and the prognosis could be grim.


The VMAs Will Feature A Public Service Announcement Addressing The Ferguson Protests

By | 9 Comments

The MTV awards show is planning a 15 second video addressing the conflict taking place in Missouri.

Michael Brown Shooting

An Online Fundraiser Raised Nearly $235K In Support Of Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson

By | 63 Comments

The split between supporters of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown is evident, but isn't really helping anyone find justice.

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