Teen Comedian With Cerebral Palsy Kills It During ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Standup Set

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04.22.13 21 Comments

For a website with “warming” in the title, we rarely, if ever, cover so-called “heartwarming” stories. They’re either too treacly or don’t involve 1990s R&B enough for our tastes, especially if they’re about reality shows, ESPECIALLY British reality shows. We’ll make an exception for 14-year-old comedian Jack Carroll, though, a recent Britain’s Got Talent contestant who was born with cerebral palsy but doesn’t want his disability to be the “elephant in the room.”

Jack’s set below, taken from a recent episode of Got Talent, is impressive not only because he has cerebral palsy, but also because HE’S 14 F*CKING YEARS OLD. When I was 14, I was trying to hunt down a sleek purple jacket like the one Shaggy wore in the “It Wasn’t Me” music video, not delivering perfectly timed cracks about looking like Harry Potter after a “nasty Quidditch accident” in front of millions of people. I never found that jacket…

Anyway, let’s make Jack famous, so he can say things like, “My material’s less shaky than George Lopez’s.”

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