Terry Crews Demonstrates Why He’s The King Of Doing The Robot


What what! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back tonight for its fourth season, so we’ll finally get to catch up with Jake and Holt in Coral Palms, Florida, where they were forced into witness protection at the end of last season. As such, Terry Crews swung by The Tonight Show to promote the upcoming season Monday night, where he once again demonstrated what an incredibly multi-talented entertainer he is.

In addition to being a hilarious comedic actor, skilled artist, expert cuddler, and uh, guy who can play “Jingle Bells” on his pecs, as some people are aware, he’s also really, really good at doing the Robot. He explained to Jimmy Fallon that his obsession with the Robot started while he was in high school in the middle of the breakdance phenomenon, and his list of extracurricular activities went from football, to basketball, to track, to breakdancing.

Like any good breakdancer worth his salt, Crews even had a crew! “We were called the Big Man Breakers,” he explained. “Real original! It was real original! We were all pretty big… We had cardboard in the basement, man, and I would practice spinning on my head for hours. No girlfriends, nobody would even get near us!”

Seems like it was all worth it, though, because as a result, he says he now has “the best Robot of all time.” I mean, check out these sweet moves:

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