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Last month, Variety reported that British actor Idris Elba (best known as Stringer Bell from HBO’s “The Wire”) would be joining the cast of “The Office” for a six-episode stint as a foil for Steve Carell’s Michael Scott.  But will the corporate Stringer Bell make Michael quit his job?  One person on the Internet says, “Maybe.”  From Zap2it:

Promoted to Jan’s old job at corporate — despite Michael’s insistence that the position belongs to him — the new boss man will usher an unprecedented level of discomfort into Dunder Mifflin. And, well, word on the street is Elba’s character isn’t just causing that drama in New York City. No, on the contrary, he’s moving in on Scranton…

I’m hearing Michael might even have a Jerry Maguire moment on his way out, and one loyal (and pretty major) employee may follow him through the door.

Oh yeah: possible spoiler alert.  I always forget that.

This is a solid casting decision.  I want to support NBC’s decision to bring another actor from “The Wire” to “The Office” (Amy Ryan played Michael’s love interest this past fall).  In fact, they should bring more actors from “The Wire” onto the show.  And move Dunder-Mifflin to Baltimore.  And start selling drugs instead of paper.  And call it “The Wire.”

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