The Walking Dead Is Getting A Coloring Book, For The Zombie-Killing Child In All Of Us

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Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, which used to make me feel a little sad for society … until I got one of my own and spent a week with a box of pencil crayons coloring all the things in the official Game of Thrones coloring book. Now that I’m hip to the craze, I’ve been eagerly awaiting more adaptations of my favorite shows into a form I can mindlessly scribble on when the real world gets a little too frustrating.

And now, the coloring book many have been waiting for has finally been announced: Insight Editions will be releasing a Walking Dead coloring book later this year. Made by the mad scientists who put together The Walking Dead‘s ridiculously elaborate pop-up book, this coloring book will be 96 pages of walker-killing, gun-wielding glory with tons of memorable scenes and moments from across the six seasons of the TV show.

That should keep you burning through your drawing supplies for a while. The only downside: It’s not scheduled to come out until Sept. 20. Until then, may I suggest the Breaking Bad coloring book, or the Dr. Who coloring book? A Walking Dead coloring book based on the comic and not the show is also set to drop May 10. And just a pro tip for those without Amazon Prime, you can always find a couple of pages of stuff to print out using Google search, your favorite geeky passion, and “coloring pages.”

Or you could just print out this page of The Walking Dead‘s coloring book and start there. Just be warned: It’s addictive, and may make your family wonder if you’ve mentally snapped and regressed back to kindergarten. Shut up, mom! You don’t understand any of my hobbies!

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