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Yesterday, we heard all about Nicollette Sheridan’s massive $20M lawsuit against ABC and “Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry. Sheridan alleged that Cherry hit her in the face on set, and then killed off her character because she complained. Another way of looking at it, if you’re not Nicollette Sheridan, might be that…

Cherry’s so-called “extremely abusive and aggressive manner” is grossly exaggerated. What happened is there was a scene in which Neal McDonough, who played Nicollette’s husband for the 5th season, was supposed to slap the actress. [According to one insider], during filming on September 24, 2008, Sheridan wasn’t reacting the right way. So Cherry was on the set supervising and in that context only he struck her. “He was showing her on set how it should be played. Ninety people on the set know what happened,” one insider explains. [Deadline]

Hmmm… so there’s a chance that a disgruntled former employee might be making an exaggerated claim in order to get money from a big corporation? That sounds too outlandish to be true. Especially in Hollywood. I thought people in the entertainment industry had a reputation for being honest and forthright.

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