TV Reporter Hit by Car During Live Broadcast

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07.10.12 9 Comments

Out in Russia, a Moscow reporter doing a live tv broadcast was hit by a drifting car. Why? Because — no offense to our Bolshevik brethren — the DUMBASS WAS STANDING NEXT TO DRIFTING MOTOR CARS? Who does that? I’ve seen TV reporters hit by cars before, but in those instances, it was the driver’s fault. This one is genuinely no one’s fault except the numbnuts who was not only dumb enough to stand near drifting motor cars, BUT HE HAD HIS BACK TURNED?

Fortunately, Mr. Numbnuts did not suffer a serious injury. Andrey Sentsov remained fully conscious and was taken to the hospital. He also held on to the microphone the entire time, like a CHAMPION.

Here’s the video footage.


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