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Here’s the news report that uncovered an archaic Rhode Island law that allows girls younger than 18 to perform in strip clubs.  (Rhode Island?  More like Rhode THAILAND!)  The best part is when they get two dudes in their twenties for man-on-the-street interviews.

Guy #1: I wouldn’t want my daughter doing that.

Guy #2: I… I’d have to agree with that.

You can see the hesitation in him.  “That camera is on?  Then yes, this is a bad thing.  Now please turn the camera off so I can go get a lap dance from a 16-year-old runaway.”

SEXY UPDATE: Prostitution in Rhode Island is also legal. From Wikipedia: “There is no specific statute that defines it and makes it illegal. However, most activities associated with prostitution are outlawed.” Those activities include operating a brothel, street prostitution, and strangling a hooker after sex.

[via Drunken Stepfather – NSFW ads]

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