UPDATE: Dan Harmon’s ‘Community’ Return Now Double Triple Official

06.10.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

Dan Harmon has spent the last two weeks telling everyone with a microphone or website that he will be returning to Community as showrunner, usually prefacing it with something along the lines of “we’re just waiting for the papers to be signed.” Even with these repeated assurances, a small- to mid-sized part of me expected the whole thing to still go up in flames somehow, because everything with Community is always strange and melodramatic. (“BREAKING: Sony Exec’s Long Lost Sister Wakes Up From 25-Year Coma, Installed As Community Showrunner. Show Will Air Tuesdays At Noon.”)

Well as of this morning everyone can exhale, as Sony has announced that Harmon and executive producer Chris McKenna have double officially returned to the show.

Following weeks of rumor and confirmation from Harmon, producers Sony Pictures Television confirm that Harmon will return as showrunner for the fifth season of the NBC comedy, with McKenna returning as executive producer.

McKenna’s return comes after he exited the series in May 2012 after signing a two-year overall deal with Universal Television.

So there you go.

(via THR)

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