W00T! 'Sons of Anarchy' Renewed!

10.07.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

It’s a good day: only five episodes into its third season, the thoroughly badass “Sons of Anarchy” has been renewed for a fourth year:

The network has placed a 13-episode order for the show to return next year. “Sons” has been averaging 4.9 million viewers on a first-run basis, 8.6 million when you fold in repeats. It ranks as the highest-rated series ever for FX. [THR]

After the Henry Rollins Nazi gang rape that kicked off Season 2’s battle with white supremacists and pornographers, Season 3 has been somewhat slower to develop, but I like where it’s going: to Belfast for a showdown with the IRA. And honestly, if your interest isn’t at least piqued by “outlaw gunrunning motorcycle gang versus the Irish Republican Army,” then you should really be getting your TV news from a different source.

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