Colbert Dissects ‘The Today Show’ Airing A Booty-Shaking Flo Rida Performance During Breakfast

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08.13.13 5 Comments


It’s really fitting that on the same evening a Kendrick Lamar took the internet by storm American hero Stephen Colbert decided to dip his toes into the hip hop waters by providing play-by-play to the “jack-hammering badonkadunk” Flo Rida performance that Today aired at 8:47AM yesterday morning. You know, because network metrics suggest 90% of households prefer to get their twerk on over cereal.

As you most likely gathered from the screengrab the Colbert Report team used above, Flo Rida meets Today was just a wee bit out of place and ridiculous. And we all know ridiculousness isn’t really done justice until Colbert has gotten his hands on it. Enjoy.

Jesus: Total booty man. No doubt.

Via The Colbert Report

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