Weekend Preview: CUMBERBATCH!

10.22.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Sherlock Holmes (PBS, Sunday) — Miniseries premiere. As previously noted, this stars Benedict Cumberbatch (the poshest English name ever imagined) in the title role, which means I’ll never be able to watch it without yelling “CUMBERBATCH!” repeatedly. Read Alan Sepinwall’s review here.

Saturday Night Live (NBC) — Emma Stone hosts with musical guests Kings of Leon. Hmmmm, a hot, smoky-voiced young redhead with good comedic sensibilities… Sorry, Lindsay Lohan. Looks like someone took over the reins of your acting career.

Eastbound & Down (HBO, Sunday) — I love that Kenny Powers has Photoshop skills (image via, click for larger).

The Good Guys (Fox, Friday) — Ed Begley Jr. guest stars, so you should definitely cancel any Friday night plans you might have made.

Boardwalk Empire (HBO, Sunday) — I know that Nucky has had a thing for Margaret from Day 1, but damn, I just wouldn’t let a virtuoso at nudity like Lucy (Paz de la Huerta) go to waste. For an appreciation of Miss de la Huerta, check out the NSFW links at KSK (scroll down).

Dexter (Showtime, Sunday) — Intermittently, I like to apologize to the “Dexter” fans for not watching this show. I’m sorry, my autumn Sundays are already too cramped with TV viewing, and I just don’t think Showtime’s worth the money. I welcome your scorn.

American League Championship Series (TBS, Friday) — Yankees-Rangers, Game 6. Texas has two games at home to close out the series. DON’T F THIS UP, A-HOLES.

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