Weekend Preview: It’s Miley!

03.04.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

Saturday Night Live (NBC) — Miley Cyrus hosts, while the Strokes have traveled forward in time from 2001 to be the musical guests. Of course, Vanessa Bayer has gotten laughs with her Miley Cyrus impression this year, so of course that’ll be one of the sketches. I just hope that Miley plays some other starlet for the sketch — I don’t need to see Miley meeting fake Miley. (TV Squad had a solid interview with Bayer about meeting Cyrus, by the way.)

The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, Sunday) — Season premiere, which will feature Gary Busey looking his finest. I’ve never watched a minute of any season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” but the unhinged insanity of Busey may just be enough to get me to tune. Gary Busey is less a human being than he is a well-trained grizzly bear: he’s generally entertaining, he poops wherever he wants to, and he’s a constant threat to snap and maul bystanders.

Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo, Sunday) — Season premiere. The housewives that started it all. Thanks a lot, ladies.

Taking on Tyson (Animal Planet, Sunday) — Series premiere. Wow, a reality series about Mike Tyson getting into pigeon racing. I wrote about this a year ago, but I thought it wouldn’t come to fruition after I heard about some of the legal hurdles the show faced.

The NAACP Image Awards (Fox, Friday) — Hosted by Holly Robinson Peete and Wayne Brady. Tyler Perry is nominated for 19 awards, your argument is invalid.

Army Wives (Lifetime, Sunday) — Season 5 premiere. God bless ’em, but real-life Army wives are super fat. Like, orca fat. Imagine the Duggars, but from West Virginia.

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