Diddy Feat. Two Other Guys – “Same Dame Time Remix” Video

07.23.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

*Rapper approaches set*

–“Hey, I’m a little lost, I can’t find my trailer.”
–“Oh, hey! Ludacris! So great to see you! I’m just out here filming this ‘Same Damn Time Remix’ with Diddy and Future. What brings you here?”
–“…I’m in the video.”
–“Oh, you’re an extra? I was just planning on doing solo shots…but maybe we can squeeze you in real quick.”
–“No…I’m on the song.”
— “Oh, I thought that was just a rumor! I listened to the song 250 times and never quite made it to the end.”

Quick. Name your favorite Ludacris line from the song.

Much has been made about Diddy’s much-ballyhooed verse. And it deserves all the credit it gets. However, the second biggest news bit was just how irrelevant Luda’s verse was. I bet he thought his verse would be newsworthy since he’s dissing rappers on it. But Diddy came through and made himself he topic of conversation. Luda’s career is smack-dab in the middle of where Future and Diddy’s are. Somewhere between upstart rapper and aging veteran; and there’s a long, scary road a rapper must travel before he can say he’s dropping killer verses well into his 40s. Here’s hoping Luda finds the mojo to make that happen.

Anyway, here’s the video so you can relive Diddy’s verse again. Seriously, after he got the verse he probably gave his ghostwriter one of those special hugs he reserves for Steve Stout.

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