Jimmy Henchman Indicted For Murder, Reportedly Admits To Role In Tupac Shooting

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06.27.12 48 Comments

By all likelihood, Jimmy Henchman will be buried under the jail. After already being found guilty of operating a drug ring earlier this month, Henchman was indicted for the murder on Friday. Along with five others, Henchman, real name James Rosemond, stands accused of conspiring with five other men to kill Lowell Fletcher in 2009. Filed in the United States District Court in Manhattan, the indictment alleges that Rosemond and another man hired at least two of the defendants to kill Fletcher in exchange for drugs. Fletcher was shot to death on Sept. 27, 2009 in a Bronx neighborhood.

In what may be even bigger news, it turns out that Henchman admitted to prosecutors that he was involved in the infamous Quad City shooting of Tupac in 1994. You know, the shooting that ultimately led to the biggest, most violent rivalry rap’s ever seen. Apparently, Rosemond shared his guilt was trying to cut a deal. Per Chuck Phillips’ article at The Village Voice:

“Rosemond secretly admitted to involvement in Tupac’s ambush during one of nine “Queen For A Day” proffer sessions with the government last autumn, court transcripts show. (In such sessions, suspects under investigation choose to enter an agreement with the government to confess knowledge of certain crimes with the agreement that the information won’t be used to prosecute them.) His confession unfolded as he was trying to carve out a cooperation deal that might lead to a reduced sentence, according to federal prosecutors.

“Rosemond apparently came clean about his involvement in Tupac’s ambush shortly after his former best friend, Dexter Isaac, stepped forward last summer to publicly confess that he had led the attack on Shakur in 1994. Isaac released a statement on June 16, 2011 to allhiphop.com, saying it was Rosemond who had paid him to rob and pistol-whip Tupac.”

Unfortunately, neither Henchman nor anyone else will ever go to jail or even face a day in court for Pac’s shooting. The NYPD classified the case as a robbery and the New York statute for robbery is seven years. Still, two parties gain a bittersweet bit of vindication: Pac, who called it in “Against All Odds,” and scribe Phillips, who originally reported Henchman’s involvement in ’08 only to be forced to later recant parts of history.

Update (6.27): Henchman’s camp is firing back against reports the former mogul ever confessed to Tupac’s Quad City shooting. In a statement reportedly sent to The Source by Rosemond’s publicist Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez denied the allegations and asserted that journalist Chuck Phillips’s only attepmpting to “rebuild his torn reputation as a discredited journalist.” Oddly enough, the publicist chose to include the message that Henchman’s “going to beat the shit out of Chuck Philips,” that is if Rosemond ever gets free, of course.

Full statement included below.

This Chuck Philips character is the “Howard Cosell” to Jimmy Rosemond. This Philips guy is trying to rebuild his torn reputation as a discredited journalist. And let’s be clear, obviously folks are going to print whatever nonsense they see others print. The bottom line is, Jimmy has stated time and time again, he had nothing to do with the shooting at Quad studios and rapper Tupac Shakur. If anyone knows Jimmy they know he doesn’t have a problem with telling folks that, and if he did shoot 2Pac, he damn sure wouldn’t say he did do it and…what would be the motive? Jimmy’s had more more money than 2Pac, he had a street cred that dudes would love to have and he had card [sic] blanche with any record label and exec in the business. Why would he shoot Tupac? Certainly not for jewelry, nor money, nor envy of a reputation. Trust me, when Jimmy comes home, he’s going to beat the shit out of Chuck Philips and if I were folks I wouldn’t count him out. Show me the proferring [sic] statements that they claim say he shot 2Pac? What happened to journalists fact checking the stories they run?”

Spotted: SOHH, Village Voice

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