Question Of The Day: What Was Your First Vehicle?

04.20.12 6 years ago 33 Comments

While working with Cadet on his NY Auto Show recap and staring at all those shiny cars, my mind started driftingback to all the vehicles I’ve owned and driven in my long lifetime. Growing up, we daydream and play “That’s My Car” in our minds. But unless you come from a different place than most, we all start out from meager beginnings when it comes to our first car. More accurately, we usually start out in P.O.S. that we probably had no choice in…but we didn’t care once we started driving and tasting freedom.

Today’s QoTD: What was your first vehicle?

Mine was the four-speed, 1983 Chevy S-10 pictured above, purchased around ’91 or so I guess and referred to as “The S-10” as if were dignified royalty. Today, it’s still running, but mostly used by my dad for hauling trash, which can also be seen in the picture. Like everyone else, I have a million trillion stories of adventures that took place in that joint but the best one probably speaks to how inexperienced/ignorant we are at that age.

In brief, one rainy Wednesday after school (when I had only been driving maybe a month), I stopped by the jewelry store, only running in for about three minutes to make a payment on earrings I had on layaway (I needed fresh diamonds to match my fresh new truck!). I came back out of the store…and my truck was gone.

Instant panic mode ensued. “Who stole my truck?” “Oh man, what am I gonna do?” “Daddy gone KILL ME.” A million thoughts racing. I scanned the strip mall parking lot left to right before spotting my truck wayyyyy down about 300 yards from the store. The novice driver in me had neglected to put the truck in gear and didn’t use the emergency break either. The curb saved it from rolling into a drainage ditch at the end of the lot.

And probably saved me from receiving the world’s meanest beating on record.

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