Question Of The Day: Would You Pay $1.99 For An Album?

06.01.12 6 years ago 41 Comments

The exchange for dollars between fans and artists stands in a fragile state as most musicians have to try creative means to make money toavoid becoming “starving artists.” For upstarts, the task is even harder since most listeners tend to get lazy when it comes to reaching in their pockets and doling out dough. Enter Ziibra Music, a startup online music platform geared towards helping independent musicians turn a profit off their upcoming album releases.

Ziibra helps up-and-coming artists make music their full time job. Using our group-buying platform, the more fans that pledge to purchase an album the cheaper the project becomes because the price is driven down through their social network outreach. Cheaper price = Happy fans. Plus, the artists benefit too. By pre-selling a new album, artists get fan reach, cash flow to fund the project, and a marketing platform to cross-promote their new work!

For example, the album price starts at $9.99
50 people pledge, the price goes down to $7.99
100 people = $5.99
200 people = $3.99
250+ people = $1.99

On Day 7 at the 24th hour… All fans who have pledged pay the price that equates.

To be fair, the concept isn’t new but the engaging part(s) are the low number of purchases, the even lower price point and the notion that it’s geared towards helping lesser known acts sustain a living. The Question Of The Day: would you pay $1.99 for a local, indie artist?

Ziibra’s first round of projects launches of June 12 and will be geared towards Seattle-based artists. For more info, sign up for their mailing list at

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