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Wafeek – I’mma Learn Ya [Official Music Video] from Marc Kharrat on Vimeo.

If “Rep My Hood” didn’t grab your ear, then maybe the video “I’mma Learn Ya” will gain both your eyes & ears in a positive way. Off the upcoming The Smoking Section & Trackstar the DJ Present Wafeek’s The Artistocrats Mixtape, releasing tomorrow.

Also, you can check out this writeup on ‘Feek in today’s Riverfront Times. It will give you some added insight into the artist, our role & the different influences that surround the whole extravaganza.

If you’re wondering about the title of the mixtape, it’s pretty simple…and a lot of it has to do with where we are with the music as it does with Wafeek.

By now, most are familiar with the concept & storytelling nuances that go with the Aristocrats joke. It has been told & retold countless times over, by every comedian worth his mettle in humor — Johnny Carson, Gilbert Gottfried, Chevy Chase and even the seemingly tame Bob Saget. Hell, it was even on South Park. The thing that keeps it alive are those delicate nuances in its telling. The sordid little details to it all. The unexpected twists thought up by each individual when it was their turn to tell the joke.

Which brings us to The Aristocrats Mixtape.

I said it earlier & I truly believe that nobody is going to say truly “new” in Hip-Hop today. What I hope they continue to do is, like the comedians who continue to tell the original joke, add their own take of how the story should be told. When you fall back & look at it, some of the rhymes that we hear today are no less spirited or carry less impact than when a Rakim, Kane or Nas first recited them over the percussion. When I listen to Wafeek, I get & feel that same passion & level of skill that made me a fan of many a great storyteller before him. The way he tackles so many different topics. How he seemingly holds up the camera to film the world’s actions, then at others holding turning that camera around on us the audience. Match those factors with his ability to alter his delivery (note the marked difference between “Rep…” and “I’mma Learn Ya”) and the way in which he shows multiple sides of his personality.

“Wafeek revels in paradox…For instance, on the song ‘Internet Celebrity,’ he unleashes two minutes of verbal vitriol toward the type of fleeting fame spawned by the Web, dissing everyone from Tila Tequila to Rick Ross in the process. ‘I’d send your ass to Hell for a Pitchfork review,’ he declares. ‘If they like it, then you’re cool/If they don’t, then you’re screwed.’

In other words, Wafeek is a continuation of an aristocracy, a lineage whose predecessors left their mark on our music. And come tomorrow, Wafeek, along with us & Trackstar, will begin etching his into the stone as well.

Royal Contrast: Hip-Hop Ex-Pat Wafeek Celebrates Paradoxes With New Album, The Aristocrats [St. Louis Riverfront Times]

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The Smoking Section & Trackstar the DJ Present Wafeek – The Artistocrats Mixtape drops on Thursday.

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