Should Wiz Khalifa Have Won As MTV’s “Best New Artist”?

08.29.11 6 years ago 47 Comments

Between the new Carter child, Weezy’s sagging drawers and Gaga’s drunken take on a bisexual Strokes member, last night’s VMAs drew audiences in and set the media world ablaze. Aside from these occurrence, the VMAs also produced a heavy amount of vitriolic feedback from the Taylor Gang army, as their holy Pittsburgh MC, Wiz Khalifa, stunningly failed to capture the fan-determined “Best New Artist” award.

OFWGKTA’s Tyler, The Creator captured the category’s Moon Man, leaving Wiz’s minions to ponder, “why Tyler?” Disregarding the fact that not enough people voted for the Rolling Papers’ rhymer, the category “Best New Artist” seems almost inappropriate for Wiz. True, MTV included him in the five awardable acts, but Tyler better fit the description of 2011’s “Best New Artist.”

Wiz may seem “new” considering his recent mainstream success, but fans and critics alike tend to forget that Young Khalifa has been moderately – if not regionally – relevant since ’06. His 2007 single, “Say Yeah,” cracked the Billboard charts and he even received mention in Rolling Stone’s 2006 “Artists To Watch” section. There’s also his former record deal with Warner Bros. that cements his status as an established act. The grouping of these former foundational facets–partnered with Wiz’s own confusion on the category’s criteria (seen below) –affirms Tyler’s win last night.

The Twitter and Facebook protests will continue to flood servers for the next 24 hours, but a deserving artist won. A Wiz win would’ve felt contextually hollow and disingenuous when applying his past accomplishments.

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