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It always feels good to say “I told you so.”

Such is the case.

Because month’s ago, maybe June roughly, we tried to tell you that Yola & “Ain’t Gone Let Up” was gonna be a burner.

Now I keep hearing cats walking around quoting the lyrics, singin the chorus and saying “I heard this before somewhere.”

Yeah…you did. We told you to listen.

Grr…breath. It’s okay.

Go ahead and get real familiar with the young boy.

What’s to like?

His voice is gonna be love-hate for most. I like the whiny yell though. It shows emotion. I suspect he’ll refine it more as he grows in the game.

He’s hungry. Always a good thing.

The content is limited of sorts to the cliche topics and, yeah, Yola could fall into the “another trap-rap dude.” But, in some ways, that’s not a bad thing considering the way he goes about bringing his version of the story.

Standouts – “I’m On The King” “Real Niggaz

Not on the mixtape but worth a listen – “Request This Shit

Yola Da Great – Really Really In The Streets

Peep more of Yola @ www.myspace.com/yoladagreat

One of the Co’ds @ SpineMagazine suggested this joint…

ego trip/XXL’s Chairman Mao found time to record a dope live mix for us, spanning funk, soul and old school rap. This is the first in a series of mixes exclusive to Spine Magazine.

Download it here or here.

We told you about Yola. If this Rich Boy shit ain’t an anthem or gettin spins in your area yet, expect it to be soon enough…

Gritty, raw and real.

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We’ll have another update shortly…if you’re not in, you should’ve got in. We might run the questions back one more time before the final update.

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