Kevin Gates Gives My Life A Theme Song

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08.13.14 5 Comments

Kevin Gates John Gotti

I’ve been waiting impatiently on this one for a month. It being Kevin Gates’ “John Gotti.”

Was it worth the wait? Did you NOT hear the chorus? That’s a no-brainer.

But my love for it extends beyond the chorus because the whole song is Mr. “I Don’t Get Tired” doing what he does best: changing his voice and delivery multiple times on the track, being brutally honest about his life’s circumstances and himself, even to the point where he sounds downright conflicted and contradictory:

“My mother had sex with an angel,
Born immortal and ain’t even know it,
Driving along while inside my Porsche,
Beat the f*ck out a b*tch, ain’t no slammin’ my doors,
I’m only excited by spiritual things,
I swear I can’t wait to move on,
All my n*ggas I lost and I miss, can’t wait to be witchu,
I can’t wait to be home…”

He’s not for everybody. Not for the faint at heart either because he’ll say things on songs that will leave you confused, feeling torn between liking it and disagreeing with what he’s saying. Even though it’s one of the best songs on BAM, the whole of “Posed To Be In Love” was one of those moments for me and, here, he drops the line “I’m so depressed I’ll kill myself, Wish somebody’d go ‘head and cook me,” which is tough to hear.

Then again, Gates is always providing a voyeuristic view into his thoughts. That’s part of the draw since he’s not saying what makes anyone else feel comfortable. Instead, he’s usually gettin’ shit off his chest the best way he knows how. Thank God he can rap well in order to do it.

The track’s set to be included on an upcoming project between Gates and DJ Bigga Rankin.

Cred: Bigga Rankin

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