Keurig Pulls Its Advertising From Sean Hannity’s Show, And The Resulting Boycott Looks Ready To Backfire

Following Sean Hannity’s messy defense of Senate candidate Roy Moore — in response to the Washington Post report containing allegations that Moore had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl — advertisers are starting to once again flee the personality’s Fox News show. announced that it will no longer allow its ads to be shown during the Hannity program, and Keurig has followed suit while addressing the matter on Twitter. Keurig stated that while it’s not pulling advertising from Fox News, the coffee-brewer manufacturer has “stop[ped] our ad from airing during the Sean Hannity Show.”

Of course, this movement has turned unavoidably political for the left and right, although the latter seems more intent upon producing a venomous result while the former side thinks Keurig will come out on top. And as some pointed out on Twitter, the tag may be trending with the help of Russian bots.

Regardless of the bot factor at hand, plenty of Hannity fans might toss their Keurig makers in the trash and go with a competitor for their watered-down caffeine fix. However, there are (at least) an equal number of people who are vowing to buy a Keurig for Christmas. In some cases, they’ll buy a lot of them.

However, one should be cautioned against joking around too much about this subject on Twitter, as a user discovered…

Who could have possibly predicted that Keurig would be picking up the coffee-controversy mug this holiday season?