The Internet Shows Brussels An Outpouring Of Support With #JeSuisBruxelles

These flowers, along with a “Je Suis Bruxelles” scrawling, now form part of a tribute in front of Moscow’s Belgian Embassy after the world awoke to a series of three explosions in Brussels. These acts have since been confirmed by Belgian authorities as a “blind” and coordinated terrorist attack. After two bombs detonated at the Zaventem airport (where at least one was through a suicide bomber) and one more at a subway station, at least 26 were confirmed dead with over 130 additional victims injured. Police have already apprehended two suspects and more are likely at large.

This morning echoes the tragedy of last November’s Paris attacks, in which over 120 people lost their lives. Some outlets wonder whether this renewed terrorism could possibly be an act of revenge after the eighth Paris suspect, Salah Abdeslam, was shot and taken into custody last week in Brussels.

Around the world, people are struggling to cope in the face of yet another senseless mass tragedy. So, they’re coming together — as humans do — with a dedicated hashtag, #JeSuisBruxelles, which has seen a variety of somber and defiant artwork in support of Brussels.

First up, this image has made major rounds by uniting the November 13 Paris attack date with its newfound companion, March 22.

Some tributes stand in defiance with a refusal to be afraid.

And still more saddened reactions pour onto the internet.