Hillary Clinton Tells Trump To Delete His Twitter Account And The Internet Erupts

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Today, President Obama pulled an expected move by endorsing Hillary Clinton, but few thought he would do so immediately after meeting with Bernie Sanders at the White House. Sanders spoke afterward about how he’ll continue on his crusade because he wants to spread his message throughout the Democratic convention. He also wants to stop Donald Trump, but that cause would probably best be served by unifying his party instead of continuing to divide it. Regardless, Clinton has her nomination all sewn up with the blessing of Obama, so her camp entered into celebration mode.

Naturally, there was one soul who immediately expressed his displeasure at this turn of events. Donald Trump immediately blasted Obama’s endorsement of “Crooked Hillary” as a means of continuing his own legacy.

Clinton did not dignify Trump’s insults with a lengthy response because 140 characters only go so far (which could be why he loves Twitter so much). She simply replied, “Delete your account.”

Well, Twitter completely melted down after this happened. Clinton may not even be tweeting this stuff herself, but does it matter at this point? Trump replied, but first, the internet promptly threw a GIF party, and it was fabulous.






Naturally, Trump (who generally tweets his own stuff) had to reply to Clinton’s tweet. His comeback was very similar to Reince Priebus’ take on the matter.

Man, general election season is gonna be one hell of a good time.