Trump Actually Talked About How He Tries ‘Like Hell To Hide’ His Baldness

Last year, President Trump spent his CPAC address railing against “fake news,” but this year, things took a very comedic turn. It’s an odd approach to take a week after a school shooting, but Trump was also playing to a conservative audience who’s not interested in gun control, so he began with a performance art piece about … his hair? Yes, he did.

Trump actually admired himself on the video boards while declaring, “I try like hell to hide the bald spot, folks.” He gave his fans a 3-D view of his carefully molded coif while adding, “It doesn’t look bad.”

This bit of weirdness must be a response to those viral videos of the Trump hairpiece recently losing a battle with the wind while its owner boarded Air Force One. Late night talk show hosts had a grand time marveling at the modern wonder and calling in stylists for commentary, and Seth Meyers even got a little petty. Perhaps Trump wants everyone to know that he’s fine with all the hair jokes, but the jabs clearly get under his skin. He’d love for people to believe he’s cool with being teased, but he’ll only address the matter when his hair looks “perfect.” It’s truly an example of peak 2018.