This Fan Claims He Was Brutally Beaten By Police During The Ole Miss-LSU Game

Football games are wonderful, and we love watching football in the comfort of our own homes. Going to football games, however, is a whole different beast. It requires patience and an ability to block out all the shenanigans that occur when people get drunk and stupid at sporting events. These days, you’d be lucky to attend a football game (NFL or college) without seeing some kind of massive fight break out in the stands, or a tailgate encounter between two opposing fanbases. It’s ugly, and it’s the worst part of sports.

On Saturday, there was an altercation at the Ole Miss-LSU game between a man and several police officers. He was arrested in particularly violent fashion and hauled off to jail. That’s when things got a little hairy. Here’s his wife, Holly Barnes, detailing what happened on her Facebook page:

“My husband, a two time Veteran of the US Army National Guard, was wrongfully assaulted on campus during the Ole Miss vs LSU game by a POLICE OFFICER. He was hit twice in the face and then arrested. THEY DID NOT GIVE HIM MEDICAL ATTENTION. Four hours later once he posted bail, he asked his friends to take him to the ER. He was diagnosed with a concussion, fractures to his orbital wall and maxillary sinus and contusions to the tissues of his eyes. This all stemmed because the officers thought he did something that someone a few rows up did and blamed him and his friends. I’m disappointed in the University police department and the Oxford police department for letting this happen. YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. THIS IS NOT OK. Please help us get justice by calling out this police officer! I want his NAME AND BADGE!”

The arrest video appears to show officers striking the man several times in the face. Take a look.

There are conflicting stories about what happened. Holly Barnes claims her husband was confused with someone “a few rows back.” But at least one witness says Barnes was acting belligerent toward fans and police. Either way, something went awry. The Ole Miss Police issued this statement:

“The University of Mississippi Police Department is aware of the video of an incident taking place at the Ole Miss-LSU football game. The officers involved are not officers with the University Police Department, but are certified officers from other jurisdictions hired to work security at home football games. The University of Mississippi Police Department takes this situation seriously, and is currently investigating the incident. We encourage anyone that witnessed the event to contact the department at 662-915-7234 or email us at”

Barnes says he will speak to an attorney.