A Georgia Teacher Has Been Arrested Following Reports Of Shots Fired At A High School

Via Google Earth

Two weeks after the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre, an armed teacher has been arrested at Dalton High School in northern Georgia. The local ABC affiliate confirms that the unidentified educator had barricaded himself in a classroom during the incident, and the Dalton Police Department kept the public updated on their Facebook account. Authorities soon revealed that no children were injured by the gunfire, and the evacuation with subsequent lockdown was a successful procedure.

Mercifully, the incident appears to have concluded with only one student acquiring a minor injury while fleeing the campus, as revealed by the Dalton PD’s Twitter account.

The local NBC affiliate further revealed that the teacher engaged in a short standoff with police through a locked door before surrendering. Further details remain scarce at this time, but this incident is sure to reignite further debate after President Trump recently issued some confusing tweets in which he advocated for arming teachers, which he believes will help guard against violence like Nikolas Cruz’s massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School. Trump later clarified that he wanted to give bonuses to teachers who’d carry guns, and he grew visibly angry when challenged on the subject.

(Via WGNO, WRCB & Dalton Police Department)