Watch Fox News’ Shep Smith Pretend To Completely Freak Out Over Today’s Eclipse

Fox News anchor Shep Smith is the patron saint of car chases and giant blobs of foam. His enthusiasm during odd news events is admirable, so naturally, he was on duty during part of his network’s coverage of the solar eclipse making its way across the country.

While either excited about the possibilities of obscuring one object with another or because he never developed object permanence, Smith “eclipsed” his iPhone with a cordless computer mouse.

“If I put this [mouse] here, and my phone here, I have a total eclipse of the phone,” Smith said while the town of Madras, Oregon was minutes away from reaching totality.

“I do, from my perspective, I cannot see my phone, for I only see my mouse pad, my mouse,” Smith said, perhaps to assure viewers that really could not see his phone if he blocked it from his view with a computer mouse.

“It’s a total eclipse of the phone,” Smith said while throwing both his phone and the mouse onto a nearby table.

“Ok, I mean,” Smith continued over an on-site reporter’s interjection about an eclipse of the brain.

“It’s fascinating, it’s amazing, oh my god the moon has gotten in front of the sun,” Smith said while stretching his arms out and looking at the studio’s ceiling.

“Well, OK, I don’t know, it’s interesting looking, the sun looks a little like the moon there in my wall. You know that’s interesting,” Smith said after shrugging his shoulders and gesturing to the live-shot of the eclipse.

“I’m certainly enjoying it, it’s better than having to read up on something all day long,” Smith said, speaking for us all.

Keep up the good work, Shep.

(Via Fox News)