A Speeding Car Went Airborne And Crashed Into The Second Floor Of A California Building

Turkey isn’t the only part of the world that saw a close call with a miraculous outcome this weekend. As seen in the above NBC Los Angeles news clip, a very bizarre car crash occurred in Santa Ana, California when a speeding vehicle went airborne and lodged itself in the second floor of a dentist office building early Sunday. Yet local CW affiliate KTLA reports that speed wasn’t the only factor, for the car struck a center median that facilitated its flight, and the driver admitted to police that he was under the influence of narcotics.

The vehicle was extracted from the building with a specialized fire department crane. Further, Orange County Fire Authority spokesperson Stephen Horner told the Washington Post that the second floor sustained only minor damage (other than the obvious hole), which is surprising, given that the car caught fire upon impact. Two people, including the driver (who briefly dangled from the vehicle after exit) and a passenger, suffered minor injuries during the accident.

On Sunday, the Orange County Fire Authority posted this incredible photo of the scene while it unfolded.

(Via NBC Los Angeles, Washington Post, KTLA & Orange County Fire Authority)