Steve Bannon Admits Being Obsessed With Mussolini, Who Was ‘Loved By Women’

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Former White House strategist and Breitbart dog-whistler Steve Bannon is no stranger to gushing about the bad guys. Shortly after the election, he admitted to how much he admired fictional characters Darth Vader and Satan because of powerful they are. Naturally, it doesn’t take any prodding for Bannon to speak about how much he likes real-world villains. Case in point, he can’t get enough of former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in an interview with The Spectator:

“How many guys have you interviewed who have read your biography?” he asked. “Am I the first?”

Had he really read it? “I have, definitely … I haven’t read all the old biographies but it’s the only modern one that treated Mussolini as … one of the most important figures of the 20th century. You put the juice back in Mussolini. He was clearly loved by women. He was a guy’s guy. He has all that virility. He also had amazing fashion sense, right, that whole thing with the uniforms. I’m fascinated by Mussolini.”

In a somewhat awkward change of subjects, Bannon said his former presidential boss is actually more popular among Americans than ever, despite evidence to the contrary, but the two aren’t speaking to each other anymore because of the ongoing investigations that Trump is involved in:

When did he last speak to Trump?

“I can’t say that.”

Does he speak to him at all?

“Our lawyers talk because it’s the middle of an investigation. I don’t talk to the President.’ Why not? ‘Because it’s better that we don’t chat.”

So it’s nothing personal then?

“Absolutely not, I have great admiration for the President. I like Trump a lot — he’s a good man, he’s a great guy.”

It’s very good that people continue to write about Steve Bannon and all of his ideas!

(Via Spectator USA)