Campbell’s Gives Their Blessing On Ted Cruz’s Ridiculously Large Purchases Of Chunky Soup

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The most interesting story to come out of this entire 2016 presidential race may not be the rise of Bernie Sanders as a dark horse candidate, nor Donald Trump as an even darker horse. It might not be the epic failure of Jeb Bush’s campaign, or Hillary Clinton falling in polls. While any of those storylines would normally dominate headlines – and they did for months – Ted Cruz’s revelation that he bought 100 cans of Campbell’s soup when he returned from his honeymoon has dominated the political landscape this week. It’s truly a fascinating turn of events.

Why would the Texas senator and republican candidate for the presidency feel the need to buy 100 cans of Campbell’s soup immediately upon returning home from his honeymoon, and for how long has he been buying so much soup in bulk? Does he believe that buying Campbell’s in bulk to be the only way to buy soup? Rather than buy one or two cans of each type of soup, must he buy ten? Does he know something we don’t?

And how does Campbell’s feel about this?

A writer for Gawker reached out to Campbell’s soup and asked them, “how many cans of soup do you usually recommend in the first year of marriage?” amongst other questions.

Campbell’s reply was simple:

We are going to stick to what we know best. We think at least 100 cans of soup is a great idea.

Key words: “at least.”

Clearly, Campbell’s loves the fact that Ted Cruz buys so much Campbell’s soup. It makes you wonder about any type of bias Cruz may have towards the maker of soups. Is it only a matter of time until we need to #GetBigSoupOutOfPolitics?

(via Gawker)